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Boomwhackers means joy! Boomwhackers team building event is an extremely fun activity, where teams will interactively play music with colorful plastic tubes called “Boomwhackers“. Inspired by the xylophones, inspires your team! Do…


A cardboard team building activity Civilization is a cardboard team building activity that lets participant teams build a city together. The city should have all its elements such as buildings, avenues, clock…


Legomania: fun and creative lego sculpting team building event Legomania is a lego sculpting team building game where each team is responsible for designing, building, and presenting their own Lego sculptures. …


Team building through painting Paint Teams is a creative and cohesive big picture painting team building event, where participants work together to paint their section of a large masterpiece.  Sections, when put…


For over a decade, we have been delivering corporate team building programs and employee engagement events to companies throughout the world. We simply do team building! We have our very own unique programs as well as the most common activities of team building industry. 2017 figures show us that, just within the high season period (May to Sept) we have delivered more than 500 team building events, which is equivalent to 25 events in a weekend time. If you are looking for a team building event solution partner, let’s get started! >>>